Tree logging fail



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  1. cool gif.. buts not a fail at all. he’s tied on because he knew this is what will happen. Its standard practice to tie the top so it doesn’t crush or damage whats below. He or the ground crew will lower it safely. Its also why you shut down the saw fast and let it hang by the clip on your belt. The springback tho was a bit more violent than usual. It is a hell of a rush when it flicks you like a bean on a string.. Its why I wore a climbers helmet and not a hard hat. Cheers!

  2. Rodisamoron says:

    Rod. You are a complete moron. You would never clip anything you are falling to your climbing belt, unless you want to get torn in half. You obviously have no clue. Leave the climbing techniques to us professionals, you jackass.

    • Rodisamoronisamoron says:

      YOU are a complete moron. Learn to read before you jump in and try to slam somebody. Rod said to let the SAW hang from a clip on your belt, not the tree, you idiot.

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