Pug loves to face the camera

Via: Unknown

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  1. Brad meyer says:

    How do I make my own GIF? I have a N scale model train on video . I want that made into a GIF. I tried converting the format to GIF but it won’t play by itself as a attachment like yours, only in my computer. I am thinking the video must have its own HTTP address? If I had my own website would I me able to create my own GIF’s???

    • Brad you do not need a web server or website for creating an animated gif. And an animated gif is different from a mere gif format. An animated gif contains multiple image frames whereas a plain gif would be made up of only one frame. Most gif creation software are paid software nowadays and most modern OS or software programs do not support animated gifs natively. Try to open the animated gif file in one of your browsers like firefix, IE, Chrome or Opera and it should work fine if created properly. There are a few online sites to create gifs too (search in Google if needed) though the quality might not be great while file sizes might be quite high. For uploading animated gifs you can use most image sharing websites as well as social media platforms such as Google+ and Tumblr.

      • Brad meyer says:

        Thanks, from what I have figured out, I can make a GIF play on my own computer but when I attach it to a Email and send it just a funny symbol appears in the upper left corner where the animated GIF should be. I made a couple GIF using a Youtube video that I uploaded myself. I converted my MOV and MP4 files to FLV would they play as GIF files? If a video uploaded to Youtube works and one doesn’t is the solution for now but I was just curious. Thanks

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