Oh no! Where have I kept my book?

Via: Unknown

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  1. Hello again,
    Just wanted to share with you about a couple of your other video’s as some of them are really funny. The clip you are running of a Vervet monkey stealing drinks is from a longer video which shows how the Vervet monkeys at this particular resort just love alcohol. The video starts with them stealing drinks all around but then as the day goes on they gradually get pickled and can’t walk a straight line, the jump and miss, fall over each other & drop for a snooze where ever they are.
    There’s another nature video you may like to put here. Its the one which has wild animals come from all around & eat the fruit of this particular tree once it’s on the ground getting a little over ripe. Over ripe in fruit has a little tendency to become alcoholic……the video has everything from Elephants, baboons, ostrich, zebras, giraffe, gazelle & the list goes on……………some of them even hunt the others when they’re not falling down drunk from the fruit of this tree, did they find Eden? Seriously, this happens once a year and this year a photographer was able to get it all on video. If you can’t find the video, just drop me a note and I’ll send you a copy.
    NB: You may want to consider removing the monkey doing push-ups due to the way these monkeys are trained to do this (so they can earn a few coins). Monkeys are forced to stand on their back legs like people for hours at a time so they will walk more like humans. They tie their hands behind their backs and put a collar on them so the only way they don’t strangle themselves is for them to stand on their back feet. They tie their hands behind their backs in order to keep them from climbing the rope. The practice is known as Topeng Monyet & is an Indonesian practice of the very poor. These poor monkeys are so abused, forced to wear hollowed out dolls heads completely over their heads so it looks like a doll’s head on a monkey’s body. The one which made me want to cry is the one with a mother monkey holding a very young infant to her breast while standing on her back feet with a dolls head over her head & begging for money from passing cars. Go to YouTube and search TopEng Monyet. It’s very sad and you’ll never look at certain things with monkeys the same again. Some of these jerks even put the video’s of all the training they go through including hitting, punching and kicking the monkeys.
    Thank you for sharing all you do. I just wanted to let you know about a few of these since maybe the more people who know the shorter the time it will take to stop them.
    God Bless,

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